Slant Pocket Bib Apron - Straps Included

End To End, Considering the entire life cycle of the garment. Function, environment, quality and aesthetic found in equal measure. Keeping production local in London to reduce emissions. Made with 100% quality natural and biodegradable fabrics from UK suppliers. Leather strap options made in the heart of East London using biodegradable packaging made from recycled materials.

Reinforced stitching and pockets to fit mini iPads, mitred edges and extended wrap create a robust yet relaxed appearance.

We are also offering the innovative service of repair and reimagine to further our commitment to the entirety of the garments life. Please contact us for more details on this:

Tan and Black Chaucer Canvas 100% cotton, gunmetal trims One size

  • Heavyweight fabric used for extra durability and high abrasion resistance
  • Breathable fabric quality
  • High Colour fastness*
  • Can be washed at high temperature for stain resistance **
  • Bar tacks or all stress points
  • Heavier stitch for added durability

* Denim and 100% cotton will age/fade with time

** This does not apply to denim, linen and 100% cotton

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